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What's stopping you from your dream maternity photo session?

Let's do a little Q&A!

Let's talk details...

I get tons of messages from women who want to book sessions with me whether it be for maternity, family, or any of type of Photography for that matter and the biggest reason everyone gives for not wanting to book right now is


- "I would love to book a session with you but I am scared I need to lose 10 lbs". - "I don't look like your models" and countless other reasons all focused around appearance.

Let me just say this...

If you're in this group, you're probably a Mom. Being a Mom automatically makes you a whole list of amazing things! You're beautiful, you're strong, you're a provider, you're intelligent (I mean come on, you keep a PERSON alive), and beyond everything else... you're perfectly you.

None of my clients are models. Not a single one of them are models. These are everyday women who trusted me enough to make them feel and look as beautiful as they can possibly imagine. Even the clients you see in these photos have insecurities but those are things we talk about, and minimize.

If you're hiring a Professional Photographer, the job of making you look and feel beautiful is no longer your job. It's mine. It's my job to use the years of experience I have to pose you in the perfect way to make sure you look like the superstar you are!

You can ask each and every one of my clients how they felt during their experience and how much posing and work went into these images to make them look their best. That is the biggest difference you are going to see when choosing a custom Professional Photographer. It's no longer someone just taking your photo. It's an art to us, a craft that we have perfected. It's my job to make women all over the Tampa Bay area and state of Florida feel beautiful!

I say that to say this...

What is stopping you?

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