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Tampa Newborn and Maternity Photographer| Mini doughnut factory with the kiddos!

Hello hello! Guess where we went? Yep! The Mini Doughnut Factory in Tampa, Fl

I find that too often I am spending time taking so many photos of others that I don't spend enough time taking photos of my little one. When I do take pictures of Vaeh, I always have to make sure that she is perfectly dressed, her hair is perfect, and she is posing the way that will look good. While I realize this is the Photographer in me, I also realize that she is a little girl and she is perfect just the way she is. She's perfect with donut toppings smeared on her face, she's perfect with her hair in a messy bun, she is just perfect. After realizing I was posing her way too much to get those beautiful images but not capturing the real her (which is a goofy, slightly over dramatic little princess) I decided to just have a fun time with her a document the time out together! We had a blast at the Mini donut factory in Tampa Fl! If you haven't been it's definitely something you have to try! They have the perfect bite size donuts with every flavor you can imagine, including bacon! If you know Marley (Vaeh's best friend) you know this made her day! We stood in line and watched the magic happen of the donuts being made and it was so much fun! We tried some of the flavors and laughed about which we liked the best, the girls had a cup kissing moment and it was just an all around good time! We just spent time watching our children being silly, I mean thats what it's all about right? Check out some of the photos from our time there and definitely go visit if you haven't! Have you been to The Mini doughnut factory? If so what was your favorite flavor?

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