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What are the best/ most fun places to eat in the Tampa-Brandon area with children?

Hey everyone!

As you probably know I am Rachel! Not only am I a local Tampa maternity, newborn, children, and family, Photographer but I am also a Mama just like you! If you're anything like me, you're always trying to find a new awesome place to take the kids on off days and I'd love to introduce you to one of our favorite places here in the Brandon area!



Ya'll.... Seriously. Not only are the babies delicious, but they have tons of cool stuff for the kids to do! For food you MUST try some of my favorites!

Favorite #1 Ranger... This juicy bbq puled pork taco is to die for! It's so delicious and is a true hit!

Favorite #2 Catawampus... Crazy name, right? This one is deep fried chicken, question, and yummy ranch!

Favorite #3 The Peacemaker... OMG you guys! This taco is so delicious! There is adobo chicken, bbq sauce, and topped with all kind of other yummy flavors!

Don't forget to also try their queso and chips, and their signature dessert... dun dun dun... the fried ice cream. Ok I forgot what it is called but it's so yummy that you need to order it anyway, ha-ha.

Of course, the food is important but what is my absolute favorite about this place?

The atmosphere. The atmosphere is awesome! You can take your children and instead of feeling like they are out of place like in some Tampa restaurants, they are embraced!

Heck they even have a wall for them to draw on and arcade games! Serious guys! From one Mama to another, this place is a must try!

Let me know what you think about Capital Tacos in Brandon!

Check them out on Facebook!


Or stop by! Their address is 119 W Bloomingdale Ave, Brandon, FL 33511

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