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Beautiful boho style maternity photos

I believe in confidence, I believe in empowerment, and I always believe in those things coming into realization during pregnancy. I am a lover of all things pregnancy, always have been. From my early teens I've known I wanted to be in connection with pregnancy, and babies. Never did I realize I would accomplish this with my very own photography business. If you or any other Tampa Bay Moms want to have this experience for yourself just shoot me an email! I'd love to help :)

Let's talk about this beautiful Mama... Could she be any more stunning? The answer is no! The confidence on her face is everything to me. I am so happy I was able to meet this beautiful soul and to capture some sweet moments for her before her little baby arrived! Melissa is wearing my blue Colbie gown which is one of the many gowns I have available in my client closet. I've searched and searched all over the Tampa area and finally found an area that is more of a dessert look for my maternity photos! This couldn't have been better for this beautiful photo session!

If she gets 10 comments on this blog she will get a complimentary 8x10 print :)

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