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Maternity photo in tampa of mother and father kissing in front of a beautiful orange sky with blue clouds.

If you are pregnant and either live in Tampa Bay or if you are in the surrounding areas such as Brandon, Sarasota, Siesta Key, Clearwater and St Pete areas I would be honored to be chosen as your maternity Photographer

Being pregnant is both the most frightening and beautiful times that a woman will experience in her life time. When preparing for the birth of your baby, you probably have a pretty significant to do list when it comes to getting everything ready for your newborn baby's big arrival. I always say we forget to talk about the challenges in pregnancy when we are speaking of the process. While this is the most magical time of your life, it can also prove to be a little stressful. Your body is ever changing and you have to get used to your new body that is growing your beautiful newborn baby. I want to help Tampa mothers see the beauty in the process. 

When should you book your maternity photo session in Tampa?

My goal for each and every client is to boost confidence, and make you see how absolutely beautiful you are during your pregnancy and maternity photos! Of course, the Tampa area is the best place when considering where your maternity photos should be taken. We have so many options for locations to take your pregnancy photos, it just depends on what look you are going for to match your style. From the moment you come to your photo session, it is my job and goal to accent your beautiful baby bump, and pose you in a way that makes you look the best possible. When hiring a professional Photographer, you have a lot of options available in the Tampa area.

 When looking for a pregnancy photographer, in your search make sure you ask yourself a few questions. Does your maternity Photographer specialize in pregnancy and maternity portraiture? Does the Photographer you're interested in also offer newborn photography. If so, does their artistic style match your vision for your photos? 

It is very important that you have a connection with your Photographer, especially when booking such an important moment in your life. Motherhood will pass you by so quickly that these moments will capture the beautiful and precious nature of your pregnancy.

Most Moms do feel different especially during their last few months of their pregnancy. When you choose a professional Photographer who specializes in photographing expecting mothers, we know the way a woman's body looks best during your pregnancy especially when photographing you during your third trimester when pregnancy seems to be a little harder than earlier on. 

When choosing the correct Photographer, you will find that the experienced Photographer knows how to work the lighting and posing in order to photograph you in the most flattering poses. An experienced professional Photographer will make you feel at ease, and comfortable from beginning to end. Rachel Rayne Photography is known as one of Tampa's favorite maternity and newborn Photographers. I cherish being looked at one of the areas favorite maternity photographers because that meansI have accomplished my goal. If I can make even one mother feel beautiful I will be happy! 


I know some Moms do wait until the last minute and decide to have their pregnancy photos taken but I can guarantee it's never too late to capture these moments. You will be able to look back on these photos with your family years down the road and see the beauty of the moments. I can guarantee you won't regret being photographed at one of the beautiful Tampa beaches or local parks.