Milestone Sessions

Babies go through so many changes in their first year—it’s a whirlwind!


In the first few months, their own little features become more distinct, they are able to hold their head up, interact with you and flash a little smile here and there. Then comes sitting up, using their hands and those amazing belly laughs.


Milestone Sessions are designed to document these incredible changes and preserve some of the incredible memories that are made during baby’s amazing first year. Originally designed as part of our Baby’s First Year Plan, we also offer individual Milestone Sessions for families that have not taken part in the plan.

Session Details

Milestone Sessions can be scheduled at any time during baby’s first year, but we recommend scheduling around major milestones, like when baby can support himself or herself on their tummy (around 3 to 4 months), and when they’re able to sit up on their own around (6 to 7 months). Visit the contact me page to inquire or book your session. A retainer is due at the time of booking.


What do a full year of milestone sessions look like?

This little man has done all his sessions with us! Watching him grow has been the biggest blessing!