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Tampa maternity and newborn Photographer got published in a magazine!

Hello hello!

I know when I posted a few weeks back about being so honored to have an article written about me in the Netherlands, a lot of you wanted to see the article about my approach to maternity and newborn portraiture. I set out on a different mission, a mission to make women all over the world feel as beautiful as they are during their pregnancy. Some times it's hard for one to see how beautiful they are during their journey through pregnancy and I hope to be able to show all of Tampa's future Mama's that inner beauty!

Here is the link if you want to check out the article!

So be sure to check it out! I also put it into a translator so you'd be able to tell what was said! Well kinda, haha. As much as google could translate it ;)

Here is a rough translation to the article! I hope you enjoy!’s-van-de-zwangerschap

Beautiful pictures of pregnancy

12-01-2017 INSPIRATION By: Fokelien Broekstra 174

It's hard to feel really good when you are heavily pregnant. Therefore, it is difficult for many mothers to go on a photo. Rachel Slone's pregnancy photographer and Newborn photographer wants true that women feel beautiful in the particular period of their lives.

Rachel Rayne

Rachel Rayne is Newborn- maternity and family photographer. Last year she decided she wanted to do something different, something that matters. She focused her photos even more on the period of pregnancy and wanted the future mothers would really start to feel beautiful, even during the period when they are pregnant. She makes in her pictures only uses natural light to ogen.Terugkijken the pictures really natural

Rachel made the pictures of several future mothers. She wants women to look back on the pregnancy with a smile on their face. Her wish is that everyone feels nice, how they look. She loves to itself to playing its part in this, her photo shoot she made for some pregnant women.

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