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Tips from a Top Maternity Photographer on what to look for when choosing a Photographer

Tips from a top maternity photographer on what to look for in your maternity photographer

Hey Mama!

When you find out that you are pregnant on of the first things you may be asking yourself is how to find the best Maternity Photographer for your family. Well I put together a list on what to look for when choosing a Maternity Photographer. Here are some tips from Tampa's top Maternity Photographer in order to help you find the Maternity and Pregnancy Photographer who fits the style and expectations that you are looking for in your photography experience.

Start as soon as possible

I always suggest starting to look for the perfect Photographer during your first trimester. You want to look into a few different options and make sure the ones you choose to look into are going to fit your needs. Start gathering names and looking at portfolios on the website. Take note on who's work literally takes your breathe away. If you weren’t personally referred by someone who has used the photographer and can recommend his or her work, ask for referrals to contact. Look at things like what items come in the packages they offer, do you feel relaxed with him/her, does the Photographer edit in a style that is what you're looking for. It's great to get to know your Photographer before the session so you can be comfortable before you meet for your session.

Find someone who specializes in what you're looking for

I personally believe that it is best to find a Photographer who specializes in whatever genre of photography that you are looking for. In your case a maternity or pregnancy Photographer will understand how a woman's body looks best and will have poses in mind for your photos. Think about it this way, would you go to a family care physician for a tooth ache? No, you'd probably do better going to a dentist. They spend their time focusing and perfecting one or a few different services, so they have extensive experience. Be sure to look at their website and also their Facebook pages. Do they have a lot of engagement? Are the images consistent and have an overall look to them? How are their reviews? Any bad articles about the Photographer? Look these things up to find the best option for you and your family.

Is your style a match?

As much as I’d like to say that every client is for every Photographer, that is simply not the case. Try to find someone who already does what you’re looking for because as much as the photographer may want to fulfill your wishes, their style is their style and it most likely won’t match your vision.

Do they offer maternity gowns? If so do they have any that fit your style?

Due to me primarily being a maternity Photographer, I have a collection of maternity gowns that are available for my clients to use during their photo session. Having gowns on hand for my clients save them the additional cost for a dress which can be anywhere from $135-$700. Take this into consideration when doing your research.

Think about what they can offer you after your session

When considering who is the best fit for you, think of other things that may come around that you’ll need. Most Photographers offer discounts or savings if you also book your newborn baby photos with them as well. It’s important to make sure you like both their maternity portfolios and newborn style they offer, so you don’t miss out on savings. Depending on whether you are interested in a baby plan such as a 3-month, 6-month, 9 months, and 12-month session, you will need to see if they provide those services as well.

Check referrals

I cannot say this enough. Always do your research and check a potential Photographers reviews. Past experiences can show an example of what is to come in the future. I always suggest looking at Facebook reviews because it’s very hard to get those negative reviews taken off if they have some sort of validity to them. Of course, you can see if someone has left a bad review out of anger and not a valid issue or not.

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