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Alicia's Fine Art Studio Maternity Session | Plant City, Florida

I promised photos from Alicia’s studio maternity session (don’t miss her outdoor pregnancy pics if you haven’t checked them out already!) and here they are!

Woman in black lace maternity gown with husband

Isn't she stunning?

Woman in black lace maternity gown against dark studio backdrop gazing into the distance

We wanted a contrast to our bright and sunny outdoor photos, so with this fine art studio maternity session we focused on darker colors and a more elegant, sophisticated mood.

Pregnant woman in black lace dress posing for fine art studio maternity session

Man and pregnant woman with hands on baby bump

Asian woman in black maternity bodysuit smiling at camera

This couple and I had such a great time during our other session, and this one was no different. Lots of fun and laughter! Since we’d already gotten to know each other a bit, this felt just like friends getting together. I always strive for that kind of relaxed atmosphere so that you can enjoy the experience and feel natural in front of the camera.

Pregnant woman in black bodysuit leaning back against her partner

Man and pregnant woman holding hands

Man in jeans kissing pregnant wife in sheer bodysuit with gold jewelry

It’s very important to me not only to create a session that has the colors and mood you want, but to provide you with an empowering experience. You are gorgeous, and I want you to feel that! This mama still talks about how beautiful she felt during both of her maternity photography sessions. I can’t tell you how happy that makes me, because that is the goal!

Husband and wife kissing in Plant City Florida studio against black background

Woman in white maternity gown being embraced by spouse

Couple smiling at each other

Portrait of man in black shirt and jeans with pregnant wife wearing long blue maternity dress

I’d love to welcome you to my Plant City, Florida photography studio for fine art maternity portraits that focus on your unique beauty as a woman and a mother-to-be! If you’d like to learn more, let’s chat!

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