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Beautiful sunset maternity beach session in Sarasota Fl by Rachel Rayne Photography

One of my absolute favorite things about being a maternity photographer, is knowing that shortly after I get to meet and shoot my awesome clients, they will be returning to my studio shortly after, but this time with a squishy little baby! I have absolutely come to love the beach for most of my maternity sessions. It's funny, because prior to actually being able to do what I love with photography, I hated going to the beach. The sand, the sun, the wind, it was just not for me. BUT, after I started photographing my clients there, how can you not fall in love?! The sand, the sun, and the wind is actually a recipe for beautiful shots taken there. Every single session is different from the one before. I fall in love with the families that book me, and I fall in love even more once I get to create these beautiful images for them! It warms my heart how much my clients love and appreciate my work, especially in this session where the family traveled all the way from Gainesville! They stayed overnight just so they could have a beautiful sunset session at our lovely Florida beaches. And of course, our beautiful Florida sunsets did not disappoint. I really am so very truly blessed that people love what I do enough to travel to me so they can experience and share this special moment together. Give this Mama and family some love!

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