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Sweet Baby Girl Photo Session | Tampa newborn photographer

Loved doing the photo session for this sweet baby girl. She was seriously so gorgeous!

I love doing family photos during a newborn session to capture those special, brand-new relationships. This baby girl is so loved and it was really sweet to create these mommy and daddy images with her. So precious!

As a newborn photographer, I’ve learned that newborn photo sessions rarely go flawlessly—and that’s okay! This baby decided to pee all over mom partway through the session. It happens! That’s why when new parents come to my Tampa, Florida photography studio with their sweet little bundle, I recommend bringing a change of clothes—for baby, yes, but for you too! Babies will be babies, which is also why a newborn photo session takes longer than most other types of portrait photography. It just depends on baby’s mood and how cooperative they’re feeling. This cutie got a little upset a couple of times, but mom and dad had already figured out a trick for calming her down: They played “Isn’t She Lovely?” whenever she started to get fussy and it worked like a charm!

This sweetheart really is lovely, and it was a delight to have her and her parents in the studio for this baby girl photo session.

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